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Mission & Board of Directors

About the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic and growing non-profit organization, providing its members with ways to develop their businesses through networking events, education seminars, promotional avenues in digital and print media, and more. There are approximately 250 members of the Chamber who have access to these networking opportunities, referral systems, insurance benefits, educational sessions and sponsorship opportunities at community events. Through their participation, these businesses and organizations help the Chamber raise funds for three Mashpee High School Scholarships.

The Mashpee Chamber is also an advocate for the business community on local, regional and state levels.

Through our events and promotional materials on digital and in print media, we strive to attract visitors to Mashpee; therefore, supporting our business members and contributing to Mashpee’s overall economic stability and growth.

Visit our Member Directory to view all of our current members. Interested in becoming a member? Complete our Membership Application today or email us at

Member Experience

The Mashpee Chamber is our friend and partner, helping to strengthen the town and build a sense of community. We know that Katy and the Chamber are just an email or phone call away and a wonderful resource for local small businesses like ours. Connecting our community and helping it succeed is what it's all about!

Sheri Catania
Owner, Wicked Restaurant and Wine Bar & Crave by Wicked

The Mashpee Chamber is my business partner.  They endorse and promote my commitment to SHOP LOCAL, and reliably help me demonstrate that to my current and prospective customers.  That makes the Chamber a tremendous asset to Mashpee!

John Miller
Owner J Miller, Pictureframer & Gallery

One of the best chambers I have had the pleasure to work with. So focused on the community. Forward thinking, engaged leadership. And great benefits for members. Highly recommend any local business check them out!

Robbin Orbison
President, CapeSpace LLC

Mashpee Chamber Board of Directors

Executive Board

Brian Lewis

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Katerina Cedrone


Demetrius Becrelis


Ashley Dufresne

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Board of Directors


Corinne Costanzo


Rachel C. Hodgman


Patrice Pimental


David Pina


Lorraine Saviano


Jonathan (JT) Thompson

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Stephanie Viva


Julie Quintero-Schulz

Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director


Savannah Fabbio

Shamrock Home Loans

Volunteer Coordinator


Michaela Wyman-Colombo

Mashpee Select Board Member

Town of Mashpee Liaison

Our 2024 Community Partners

Our Mission

The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for the local business community at the local, regional, and state level. The Chamber fosters, promotes, and is actively working to create a healthy economy by supporting its membership and attracting visitors to the town of Mashpee and its surrounding areas.

What we do for your business:

  1.  We work to grow the local economy and foster the opportunity for businesses to succeed.
  2. We promote our membership with educational resources, promotional events, print and digital advertising, business referrals and networking opportunities.
  3. We dedicate a weekly communication email to our readership to inform and engage the community about the many events and happenings in our community.
  4. We strive to attract new and recurring visitors to the Town of Mashpee to encourage and stimulate the local economy to help businesses thrive.
  5. We partner with local chambers to gain strength and build consensus to mutually support and exceed each organization’s goals.

To find out more about what the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce can do for your business, please reach out to our staff for a one-on-one call or in person meeting.

Interested in becoming a member? Visit this page to review all member benefits and access our New Member Application.