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Shop Local

Shop Local is, by definition, local consumers (like yourself!) actively choosing to make purchases at local retailers or with local service providers to keep your hard-earned dollars in your direct community. Choosing to spend your money locally allows that money to be cycled within your local economy, giving it a boost. Shopping local also ensures that your tax money also stays local which can then be used to ongoing community improvements.

Soliciting local businesses not only stimulates the local economy and helps create and maintain jobs, it also forms a sense of community through the relationships built and goodwill that is fostered. The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce supports the continuing mission to promote #ShopLocal in all of our community engagements.

Read what Shop Local means to Mashpee Chamber member Love Live Local.

Shop Local Events

Join us this holiday season to support our local business members as these events:

2023 Gift Guide

Check out our first ever Shop Local, Shop Mashpee GIFT GUIDE! You're sure to find something for everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

Shop Local, Shop Mashpee 2023 Campaign

The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce aims to assist Mashpee and the surrounding area retailers’ bottom line during its inaugural Shop Local 2023 campaign. Through strategic meetings with the retail community, Love Live Local, and various non-profits, we determined that a rollout of events from Thanksgiving through the December holiday shopping season, as well as promotion of purchases at participating retailers will boost both awareness of shopping locally and overall sales for our local retail stores.

The goal of Shop Local, Shop Mashpee is to bring awareness to local stores, the importance of shopping locally through detailed data from and in collaboration with Love Live Local, and attract shoppers to Mashpee and its surrounding areas to do their holiday shopping. Love Live Local’s research shows that locally owned retail stores reinvest 4 times the amount of money as their corporate competitors, and when people shop online, there is virtually no benefit to the local community. Highlighting this is so important to the long term sustainability of our local retailers. Check out the images below to learn more about how the program will work!